Man Outraged at Child Services Visit Over Facebook Gun Photo


Posting a photo of your 10 year old kid on FaceBook with a powerful weapon is probably a very stupid and crazy thing to do, especially if strangers and / or Homeland Security happen to stumble upon it. Most people post photos of children playing sports,  baking cookies, riding bicycles, or doing anything that doesn’t indicate future violent tendencies.

Of course, gun nuts don’t understand this. Posing your child with a dangerous weapon while he’s dressed in camouflage is a full -fledged Hallmark moment, and apparently it was irrational for some person on the internet to be filled with alarm over the safety of a child bearing a mean-looking weapon.

From the Daily Mail, “Shawn Moore was at a friend’s house when his wife called, saying state child welfare investigators, along with four local police officers, were at the house, asking to inspect the family’s guns.

‘They said they wanted to see into my safe and see if my guns were registered,’ Moore said.

‘I said no; in New Jersey, your guns don’t have to be registered with the state; it’s voluntary. I knew once I opened that safe, there was no going back.’ ”

Mr. Moore views this visit from Child Protection as a very evil thing. It did not occur to him that maybe people were a bit worried about his child’s well-being. It was all about his rights, not the fact that a child was bearing what resembled an automatic weapon.

Who else props kids up with guns for photo opportunities? 

The Lord's Resistance Army (Joesph Kony)

The Lord’s Resistance Army (Joesph Kony)

Child soldier in Chechnya

Chechnya child soldier.

Soviet Child Soldier

Soviet Child Soldier from WWII

A child soldier in China during WWII

A child soldier in China during WWII

Please excuse  normal, non-gun fanatics for taking pause and wanting to keep kids safe. The vision of children as soldiers is a bit scary, no matter what culture you’re a part of. And if you’re going to publish photographs of your kids bearing weapons, please have the common sense to keep them private among your NRA card carrying friends – make your FaceBook photos private.

Also, New Jersey? Please  strengthen your gun control laws to the point that you are aware of how many guns a 10 year old owns?

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