Houston Government Plans to Outlive Citizens in Disaster Situations

FEMA coordinates disaster recovery.

FEMA coordinates disaster recovery.

Houston City Council members are planning a new federally reimbursed project under the umbrella of FEMA. In the wake of any “disaster related event,” city employees will be placed in a special “base camp” that will have clean running water, places to sleep, electricity and medical supplies.

The plan provides accommodations for 11,500 government employees. The city of Houston has a total population of over 2 million people.

Disaster events that FEMA assists with include  hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, typhoons, fires, avalanches, ice storms, blizzards, terrorist attacks, and earthquakes. In the event that Houston is struck with any of these disasters, everyday citizens will have to fend for themselves in terms of food and shelter.

This plan does not yet contain any  housing or amenities for the  population outside of government officials.

The government already knows that it’s citizens don’t want to end up in FEMA camps. Houston Council Member Helena Brown, who represents District A, tells us so. “In light of human history, it remains concerning to citizens when their government entertains discussions of establishing government operated survival camps,” she writes in her press release opposing the measure, which would only really go into effect if the city is hit by a natural disaster.

I guess it’s a good thing that in that during Governor Perry’s tenure, the combined number of federal, state and local government jobs in Texas has grown by 18.3 percent. A larger than average number of  government workers will be get exclusive access to emergency supplies.

When the apocalypse DOES come, the government workers will be sitting warm and dry in their FEMA bunkers, enjoying the fine food of Country Caterers Barbeque, a company that routinely offers food, tents, and latrines for large events, disaster recovery, and the military. 

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 5.28.11 PM

Houston Council Member Brown asserts that when disaster strikes, and homes are uninhabitable, that “Houstonians don’t wish government to establish survival camps for supposedly their benefit.”

“It remains concerning…that city officials are looking to protect themselves first, while citizens might have to struggle to survive. Perhaps a base camp for citizens will be proposed by City Hall next. Houstonians are saying ‘no’ to both.”

So the government shouldn’t build any camps? Everyone should struggle to survive without any measures in place?

Ok, Houston. I bet the measure goes through.

LOLWut? They’d say no to THIS? They’d rather have to hunt down/loot/beg for their own food and brave toxic, life-threatening conditions without any promise of shelter?

From the Country Caterers Barbeque website

From the Country Caterers Barbeque website

No wonder the Houston government plans to live in FEMA bunkers while the citizens find their own means of survival.

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