Are You Being Conned By Lee Stranahan?


Lee Stranahan talking to a group at Citizen’s United.

In times of fear, such as the Cold War and now the Tea Party Patriot days, con men are able to  promote themselves and their agendas, often without fear of reprisal. Suckering people is easy and it’s profitable to play on other people’s fears and paranoia. The victims of these plots often don’t come forward if they’ve lost money, because they fear for their reputation or they fear the con artist himself.

This seems to be the foundation of the political stunts that Lee Stranahan of pulls. Lee Stranahan and his paranoid followers, deeply scarred from the 2008 & 2012 election results, have often manufactured certain crisis to keep the money machine in working order. Lee has a houseful of kids to feed, 20,000+ Twitter followers, and the kind of sociopathic charm that garners empathy and trust with the masses who look at him as a successful political blogger, videographer, and… online friend who shares their fear and hatred of the far left.

How to Know if You’re Being Conned:

Found on the excellent website and amended to show examples that include Lee Stranahan:

“Con artists look for ways to manipulate strengths and weaknesses. They will either paint a picture of wealth and ease, or increase your darkest fears, or a combination of both.”

In order to do this, a con artist will:      

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