Senator Lee Attempts to Ban #GunControl in the Senate with #Budget Amendment


According to the Gun Owners of America, Senator Mike Lee of Utah intends to offer an amendment to the budget resolution that would prohibit any gun control legislation which does not have a 2/3 vote in the Senate.

The Gun Owners of America strongly support this obstructionist gesture, believing it will get up to 40 votes in Congress, stating that “If the Lee amendment is passed, the practical effect will be that gun control can never again pass the Senate.” (Do the Gun Owners of America believed they own about 40 members of Congress?)

In the wake of so very many gun tragedies, passing this Amendment would be a travesty. It appears that the Amendment will not pass, but rather, is yet another obstructionist gesture from the GOP.

Republican Senators would rather demand amendments that anger the public, than get the government funded, create an active budget, and back to work again.

The Gun Owners of America, who appear to be pushing the Amendment with members of the Senate, call themselves “The only non-compromise gun lobby in washington.”

Isn’t it nice that there are people paid to beg our politicians to reject the art of compromise?

3 thoughts on “Senator Lee Attempts to Ban #GunControl in the Senate with #Budget Amendment

  1. Personally, I’m greatful for anyone in the senate that remembers that they swore to upphold and defend the entire Constitution…not just the parts that they agree with. Worse yet the senators that consider the Constitution a stumbling block to their own blind ambition….read this as Feinstein!

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