Roswell Man Posts Horrifying Video Message to Animal Activists

A contractor at the Valley Meat Company based in Roswell, NM, has posted a horrifying video on Youtube of himself shooting a horse in the head. It appears he created the video to teach animal rights activists a “lesson” and intimidate them from their efforts at preventing a new horse slaughterhouse business from opening .  Tim Sappington, the creator of the video, is a maintenance contractor for Valley Meat, a company working to open a slaughterhouse that offers horse meat for human consumption.

The video is a form of protest in favor of bringing a horse slaughter plant to the area for human consumption. In the video, Mr. Sappington sends a deeply disturbing message, “To all you animal activists, fuck you,”  he says, before shooting the horse execution style. The horse then falls to the ground and dies.

There appears to be no plan to discipline the contractor or denounce his behavior. “I didn’t have anything to do with that video, that’s the honest truth, but like I said, people will make assumptions,”  Rick De Los Santos,  part-owner of Valley Meat Company in Roswell said. The family says they support Sappington’s right to kill and eat horses, but not the video. Mr. De Los Santos, explained that Sappington shot the video on his own time and at his own home.


Of course people will “make assumptions” when your contract employees make a video like this for the entire world to see, and instead of denouncing it, you tell the press that you agree with the premise, just not the video itself.

This is a contractor that represents a business in the community. A business that has not yet even been approved to sell horse meat. This is how they plan to enter the market?

They don’t quite yet comprehend the damage to their reputation. It’s unfortunate that they don’t think that the outcry is their responsibility to address.

What about the children who come across the slaughter video?  Some will have nightmares. Some of them will cry. They’ll think of that horse and that gun and never touch a piece of horse meat.

Why should a horse be treated so inhumanely that a human feels that it’s “good publicity” to show its death on film? Is this the way professional businesses should handle concerns about animal welfare?

The slaughterhouse has not been approved, as of yet. I urge you to sign this petition opposing the slaughterhouse.

I cannot imagine what conditions the horses would have to endure in the name of  “horse meat lovers” who take more pride in the act of slaughter than they do their relationships with the animals, the people and the community.


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