The #Breitbart Smear Machine is Losing Its Voice

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 2.22.29 PM

And you won’t see anyone crying about it.

The right-wing blogosphere is in the middle of nothing short of a crisis. The funny thing is that they’re so busy congratulating themselves on their very existence that they have seemingly failed to notice.

Sure, they had their annual BlogBash “mutual pat on the back” party and garnered some political coverage, but their ability to “control the narrative” has been deeply wounded from the onset of 2013. You can’t “control the narrative” or “fight big media” when you’re trying to create a narrative out of thin air, or refuse to check your ego when humbled by those pesky things called “facts”.

In fact, March 2013 may be the worst month for Breitbart-style journalism, ever..And it isn’t even over yet. In just the past month, a flurry of blatantly untrue stories were debunked from Breitbart News, and consequences are popping up for other attempts at media smears and fabrications.

March isn’t over yet. Let’s look forward to just a few more months before Breitbart’s successors flub up a few more stories, and a few more lawsuits to get settled…. Hitler, however, may not be happy about how it all plays out, in the end.

Good riddance!

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