Unauthorized #SC01 Website and #Santorum’s Twitter Team

Update: As of Wednesday, March 27, 2013, the campaign has provided an odd, but official,  explanation regarding Mr. Akbar’s employment. Please see the follow up article here.

Earlier today, I reported on Bostic’s campaign, who has insisted they are not working with Ali Akbar, although he claims he is being paid on a contract basis to support the Bostic campaign.

Now, it appears that there is an unauthorized website, TrustCurtis.com, that has been set up to fundraise, which could be a violation of election law. The Bostic campaign claims no knowledge of this website. 

However, it appears that Patriot Voices and Rick Santorum’s Twitter team have some knowledge of the website. In fact, they have spammed twitter with “manual written retweets” for a good part of the evening.

Neither Patriot Voices nor Rick Santorum has responded to questions regarding their promotion of a website that is possibly violating election law.

It will be interesting to see if there is an explanation, of any kind, in the morning.

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