You Can #TrustCurtis Again…Oh, wait…

Remember that unaffiliated SC1 run-off campaign website, It’s now officially affiliated with the Bostic campaign, kind of, sort of. In a confusing turn of events, Kerry Wood, a member of the Spartanburg Tea Party, has claimed responsibility for the hiring of Ali Akbar, a convicted felon. Mr. Wood has OFFICIALLY explained the hiring, telling the Columbia, South Carolina Patch, “I know what a criminal looks like and (Akbar) is not a criminal.”

But…but...he IS a felon, regardless of what he looks like. That is a fact, and he’s criminal enough to have been on placed on probation for several years. And he sure as heck looks like a criminal in his online mug shots…Google isn’t that hard to use, Mr. Wood!

It seems Curtis Bostic’s campaign is stumbling to explain themselves. They now claim that they are a bit disorganized because of all of the grassroots support.

But…but…Ali Akbar and his staff are being PAID to work for Bostic….He said so. Over and over again. That’s not exactly grassroots.

Ali Akbar paid for Bostic campaign

It seems that Mr. Wood has a very limited understanding of how to run a campaign. In fact, he ran for office in the past, and ran into some trouble with police for being a bit too aggressive with his campaigning.  Agitating police officers and resisting arrest is an interesting proposition, considering Mr. Wood claims to have “worked in law enforcement.”  It appears that Mr. Wood is the kind of “overzealous volunteer” that encourages confrontations with the police to get himself on a ballot, but not the kind of volunteer that will reject a paid consultant  with a criminal record.

Mr. Bostic still has some explaining to do about his role in an Ethiopian adoption scam, as well. But it appears that he would prefer to have an oddball Tea Partier stumble around with a convicted felon and try to drum up support, rather than act in a professional capacity or set the record straight.

Bostic refuses public

It’s very, very hard to #TrustCurtis with this epic denial and/or confusion.

I bet there’s some Colbert-Busch family members out there, just giggling away.

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