You’ll Know the Fascists By Their Wristbands, Silly!

I always believed that when fascism came to America, it would be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross, or something like that like that.  I stand corrected. When fascism came to America, it moved on down to South Carolina, and set up shop to SELL American flags. (And African flags, and UN flags…and so much more.)

You can join in the fun and spread awareness of YOUR fascist tendencies with your very own nondescript wristband!

Today’s answer to meeting in secret and wearing white hoods.

White Pride Wristbands

I don’t know if “Kyle Rogers” wraps himself in a flag or carries a cross…

But he sure DOES sell them. The flags, anyway. If you go to his main website there are no direct links to this item he’s promoting for sale on Twitter. (you can find it here: — no link love!) The other items he sells from his website are mostly flags.

A Nazi sells these flags

And he’s apparently not shy about his ties to white pride or Nazi ideology while spamming his hate-inspired propaganda on Twitter.


So, I guess if you plan on joining the Tea Party, and you want to steer clear of the Neo-Nazi types, you’ll have to ask to check your new friend’s wrists first.

After reading this article by Karoli Kuns about the neo-Nazi movement in Greece, I’ve realized something: Fascism was here as soon as the Tea Party arrived.

It’s the corporations and profiteers that are making it acceptable, co-sponsoring bills before Congress, and spreading the idea that “American Exceptionalism” is something that is gifted to us white Americans at birth. Corporations are the ones fueling organizations like True the Vote, who want to disenfranchise millions of naturalized citizens, the elderly, the poor, and the disabled.

It’s up to the 98% non-fascist population of America to label it and confront it before it picks up any more steam.

Choose love. Choose tolerance. Choose progress.

Those are things that we don’t need wristbands to spread and share. In fact, we can practice them in broad daylight. We don’t ever have to hide our belief in these things.

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