What Do We Owe the Horse? Government Considering Slaughterhouse Proposal

This is a great follow-up on the proposed “horse meat industry” with a very rational argument against its consumption. I do think it’s pretty odd to devolve and redefine our relationship with our working animals.

Horse have worked with us for years — they were once our primary means of travel. It is a great disservice to horses for us “rational humans” to return to being a predator out of a desire for “exotic meat”.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source:Michael D'AntonioMichael D’Antonio
Author, Mortal Sins, Sex, Crime, and the Era of Catholic Scandal ~published in the Huffington Post

“The human response to the horse suggests that as he was evolving in relationship to us, we were adapting to him…”

Last week a video appeared on YouTube showing a man cursing animal rights activists, then leading a friendly, fit-looking horse out of a pen, and shooting it dead with a single pistol shot between its eyes. (The horse was so tame it quietly stepped toward the pistol, and dipped its head to receive a scratch, in the moment before the shot

Tim Sappington is employed by a meatpacking company that has proposed to start slaughtering horses in New Mexico, bringing the practice back to American soil. The video inflamed opponents to the slaughterhouse. Rick De Los Santos, owner of Valley Meat Company, said he received so many threatening phone…

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