Some #Cats Against #Bullying

Always aware of the power of social media, cats are learning to take a stand and wield their powerful influence for good.

The topic is very serious, but spreading awareness important.

If you see bullying on social media, please be an adult and report it. 

Cats Against Bullying


This past week, a young rape victim was bullied to death after photographs of her rape were distributed online. This is the reason we call “rape victims” survivors when they speak out. Speaking out and speaking up about the effects of rape is just one way to stand up to bullies. We need a society that makes bullying unacceptable. Sometimes this means we have to police our own networks, like the good people at do.


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One thought on “Some #Cats Against #Bullying

  1. Hi sorry I just found a post that you were waiting approval since April 12, 2013, I am so very sorry I totally missed it, can you please ever forgive me? by the way my little”puddy tat” is called shadow, a great guy and OK roomie 🙂 great blog, if it’s OK I would love to check back…take care..lotsa luv from B.P.

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