The #TeaParty Patriots Give Marching Orders to Shame “Squishy”, “Bad” Senators

Just when you thought the Tea Party’s propaganda couldn’t get any dumber, they’ve dumbed down their propaganda to appeal to the maturity of 4th graders. A call to action from the organization “Tea Party Patriots” is making its way through the internet — asking people to send letters and protest in person against their “squishy” and “bad” politicians as part of a “DC intervention” against gun control measures in the Senate.

It appears they’ve been gearing up for this campaign for about a month or so — after handing out such delicious freebies as the Obama, Biden, and Pelosi stress balls to their small crowd of diverse supporters.

Squishy politicians from CPAC featured on News Real Blog

Squishy politicians from CPAC featured on News Real Blog

Ever mindful that Tea Party supporters are not the best educated or brightest crayons in the box, the Tea Party Patriots have created a nifty “package” for supporters to use to spam “squishy” and “bad” politicians with their custom-crafted, SuperPAC-financed opinions. Obviously, they realize their supporters can’t be bogged down with intimate details or highly technical terms such as “moderate”, “independent” or “Democrat.”

There are only “good guys”, “bad guys”, and those in-between “squishy” guys. Just in case you’re confused and happen to like your representative:
Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.59.05 AMTea Party  Patriots are attempting to name and shame politicians based on gun control bills they supported in Congress. YOUR representative “became a bad guy” overnight, while you weren’t looking. See?
Is your politiican squishy? What about the “squishy” guys? What do we say about them? Should we write a letter to the editor? Or should we play Mad Libs?

Tea Party Patriot supporters were only given about 48 hours to follow this very long set of instructions so they can hold senators responsible.

I know, I know — it’s hard. These action items were only posted on the 14th. However, now that you know you have a “squishy” or “bad” representative, it’s your responsibility to figure out who your Senator is, RSVP with your local Tea Party protest, create a sign, go to your senator’s office at noon tomorrow, fill in the blanks on your letters, print and sign your letters, invite your Facebook and Twitter friends, stand outside the senator’s office from 12pm-1pm, wave your signs, take photos and videos, send them to the Tea Party patriots website, force your way into the senator’s office to hand-deliver your letter, use the “talking points memo” (because you don’t know what to say otherwise), and, finally…print and mail your angry letters to the editor.

When you’ve finished this long list of tasks, you can update all of your social media to reflect that you did these things.

It’s a hard job. But somebody’s got to do it, right? And there’s still time, isn’t there?

Tea Party Patriot Rally

The answer is NO, actually. 

The Tea Party Patriots are a SuperPAC and it appears they aren’t coordinating with the grassroots people at all. They missed a multitude of Tea Party gatherings with the same purpose that were held over the weekend. These rallies were organized with the support of local libertarian groups and other “patriotic” organizations. True, the rallies were small. But they were legitimate supporters who had the same purpose in mind.

Sorry, Tea Party Patriots, it’s highly unlikely you can organize well-attended rallies across 50 states complete with real people and your “squishy” “bad” propaganda. (Especially when you completely ignored the efforts of actual Tea Party citizen groups.) Maybe you should pay attention to what the groups you claim to support are organizing. They’re the ones thinking up their own talking points, writing their own letters, and waving their own signs.

But hey, if it doesn’t work out for you, you can always just fake another Twitter campaign with 1000’s of young, good-looking, enthusiastic bots.

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