#Tax Evaders: the #Occupy Inspired Video Game

This is just awesome. Tax Evaders is a game that’s retro and modeled after the Atari Version of “Space Invaders” – except in this game, you’re fending off the evil corporations. I’m not really into video games.  I probably play games about three times a year. But being an angry, radical progressive type 🙂 I felt I should give this game a shot.

I played it twice the first day, and I just went back to play again before I wrote this blog entry. It’s too much fun, and I fell in love with the concept of “gaming for good.”

Tax Evaders isn’t just a game — it’s an educational tool. It’s a reminder of the core ideals that started the Occupy Movement – that 99% of the country has struggles caused by the top 1%, who do not. Our voices should be louder because we ARE the people. Video games are a great way to spread this kind of message.

Tax Evaders, Occupy Video Game
(Opening screen)

Mission objective
Facts and statistics that helped spawned the Occupy movement are a part of the mission. So you feel noble, knowing those greedy robots in the sky man, and WILL, be stopped! If only you have the skills…
tax evaders video games
Get those evil tax-evading corporations out of the sky!! There are so many!!

Notice the cool Occupy fist to the sky and the group of protesters.

Yes, we the people are heroes.

Just Go Play It Here because you’re bored.

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