President Obama’s budget proposal on education for fiscal year 2014

A breath of refreshing air — here are some positive things that are being done by President Obama to improve our education system. It makes me feel good to know that education is becoming a focus again.

Education for Deserving Youth

President Obama has rolled out his budget proposal for fiscal year 2014, and it represents his belief that education is a true engine of the country’s economic growth.  Among other things, the proposal builds on the momentum to improve America’s education system by increasing discretionary spending on the sector and implementing a string of new initiatives to give all students a chance for quality and stable education.


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In the proposal, the President is seeking to increase discretionary appropriations by 4.6 percent, to $71.2 billion, to allow funding for the schooling of college students, poor and marginalized students, and students with disabilities. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the remaining 28% of the funding are allocated for particular strategies that drive major change. These include reforms to improve K-12, services to support poor students, and making education accessible for all.


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