4 #Labor Organizations on Twitter that Need #Progressive Support

1. Unite Here : http://twitter.com/unitehere  

UNITE HERE represents workers throughout the U.S. and Canada who work in the hotel, gaming, food service, and airport industries.

If I didn’t follow Unite Here, I wouldn’t know about the terrible injustices that hotel workers at Hyatt faced, or about the boycotts and strikes that are leading to change. Hotel workers are often a very overlooked, underpaid, overworked demographic. Many hotel workers work more than one job at minimum wage. Unite Here tweets videos and highly-sharable videos that drive their mission home. Videos are essential tools for reaching people and humanizing their cause.

2. American Federation of Teachers Union: http://twitter.com/AFTunion

The AFT has more than one million members nationwide, and has grown into a trade union representing workers in education, health care, and public service.

American federation of Teachers

AFT tweets what the media often ignores: Teachers and other public workers fighting for better  living wages and better standards for our students. They also cover major educational meetings to help inform us what decisions are being made behind-the-scenes of our public education system, allowing us to understand and hopefully join them in lobbying for a better public school system for all.

3. Working America: http://twitter.com/WorkingAmerica

Working America is an allied organization of the AFL-CIO which works to build alliances among non-union working people. 

Working AmericaWorking America focuses on good jobs, affordable health care, education, retirement security, corporate accountability and more for the working class. This focus is to help  some of the hardest working people in America, such as those Americans who are stuck with a minimum wage and are forced to seek assistance such as food stamps to feed their family.

4. Domestic Workers: http://www.twitter.com/domesticworkers

It’s no huge secret that paid domestic workers have been treated poorly since slavery was abolished — and most are seen in a similar light as slaves by corporations and the top 1%. Domestic workers typically work more than one job and are often without benefits or reprieve if they fall ill or are injured on the job. Domestic workers are often targeted for unfair wages and illegal firing and hiring practices.

Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers is an organization that sheds light on the cleaning industry and lobbies for fair wages, paid sick leave, and against unfair hiring practices. They give a voice to many who are afraid to speak up or ask for basic rights.

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