#Breitbart Stooge and #StopRush “Infiltrator” in Custody

He claimed to be the next Breitbart, sent by a professional political “firm” to infiltrate the left and gather intelligence James O’Keefe style, but Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor, was anything but professional.  

The strong arm of the law has finally caught up with Jason Wade Taylor of Houston, Texas, self-proclaimed “infiltrator” of the progressive social media movement known for his racist tirades and penchant for on-air Blog Talk Radio death threats.

While Mr. Taylor certainly believed he was the next Breitbart, his Twitter theatrics caused many people on both the right and the left a lot of grief and troubles.

Mr. Taylor had what could only be described as a “hit list” of targets in the progressive Twittersphere, based on his own perception of who was a “radical leftist”. He was embraced by the far right owners of Conservative Report Online, and many people participated in his smear campaigns and perceived vendettas, under the false presumption that what they were doing was legal, moral, and untouchable under the guise of free speech.

Jason W. Taylor’s  “infiltration” of the left did not garner much in the way of “political intelligence” other than a very personal, hateful binge of threats, doxing, and intimidation of not only progressive activists, but anyone who stood up to him or stood in his way of his “mission.”

A few of the things Jason W. Taylor  “accomplished” using the online persona of “Randy Hahn” :

Mr. Taylor was arrested and held in El Paso County, Colorado. He is accused of assaulting (i.e. choking) his online love interest and apparently faces extradition to Tarrant County, in Houston, Texas, to face unrelated charges.

Many people were caught in “Randy’s” tangled web of online cons and deceit, but very few stood up to him or tried to bring him to justice. It’s sad that Jason Wade Taylor was enabled and cajoled by many people to go after perceived “enemies” rather than recognized as the danger to society he truly is. He needed help, and the people he was targeting deserved to be free of his sadistic predatory behavior.

When online criminals are recognized for what they truly are – unstable, fearless, unpredictable menaces – we need to be the adults in the room and take action. Many people filed police reports and spoke with federal authorities about “Randy’s” threats. Many others deflected responsibility, laughed it off, and insinuated that he was “harmless” – simply because they doubted he would cross state lines to make his death threats a reality.

If Mr. Taylor had managed to actually kill his girlfriend, there would be blood on many hands. If you’ve enabled a predator and participated in his criminal activities, you can’t simply wash your hands clean and never mention him again. Sometimes, you have to take a stand before it’s too late. Many people were asked to contact the police or FBI and give information on Mr. Taylor’s contact information and whereabouts. In fact, many of the people who published Jason’s hit lists and helped him harass other people could likely be held legally responsible as accomplices.

Unfortunately,  real-life harm and abuse was what it took to land Jason W. Taylor in jail, at least for the time being.

There were many of us that saw this coming, and we did the best we could. Hopefully, justice will prevail, and Jason, alongside his various partners, will be held responsible for his actions very soon.

Let’s hope some people learn a valuable lesson from this, and justice prevails.

3 thoughts on “#Breitbart Stooge and #StopRush “Infiltrator” in Custody

  1. I tried many times to have Jason arrested. I have 4 case numbers in my home city and one with Houston Homicide after his infamous BlogTalk Hahn Meltdown with Ms Kathi Stewart Moore in which they admitted calling authorities “many” times trying to have me hospitalized for fabricated reports of suicide. Also, for those curious, the homicide department in Houston handles death threats. I managed once to get his Mother to get him into a psychiatric care facility, but he was released days later. Im not sure ive encountered anyone as pathetic, psychotic and sadistic as this slimeball. I pray he spends his life in an institution so he cannot harm anyone else. He continues to create 20 sock accounts at a time to call me psychotic, fat, whore and to urge me to commit suicide. I continue to document his online stalking and familiarize myself with stalking laws so when he crosses that line that to a felony, I will be ready and waiting. Believe that. His obsession with me might be the very thing that brings him down. Its not cute, its not funny and I’m not afraid to pursue him until i make some charges stick. Believe that.

  2. Jason Wade Taylor is after me now for my blog posts on fraud.
    See his defamatory posting opstopobama.blogspot.com/2013/11/jason-michael-vanderwall-aka.html

    • I’m so sorry he’s going after you. He will go after anybody! For anything! It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, conservative or liberal… I believe it’s actually pure jealousy. Like his obsession with Todd Kincannon’s penis. (But at least there’s a song about it here: https://soundcloud.com/tcotsounds/why-do-you-listen-to-todd )

      Twitter allows him to keep 20 or 30 accounts that all tweet the same defamatory things. But you’re not alone, he has a “hit list”. One time I submitted — no joke — 30 reports to twitter and they suspended all of his accounts in one week. But that doesn’t stop him, either. He just get drunk and make more accounts. He’s the most rotten person on Twitter. One day he’ll get locked up for something he does IRL and go back to prison, but until then, he’s like the drunk guy in front of the 7-eleven screaming obscenties and begging for change in the same breath.

      Oh, there’s another really funny song remixed by members of the Rustle League here, too: https://soundcloud.com/n1k-nak/the-randy-hahn-meltdown-remix

      In case you’re bashing heads with him, these songs are just epic, classic “Randy Hahn” lol. Good luck, hope he goes back to rehab soon!

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