The Cats of Neko Jalala Cafe in Japan

Not to be deterred from the ever-increasing pop culture worship of cats, Japan has created a way for everyone to enjoy the purrs, snuggles, and playtime our feline friends have to offer.

Sadly, many people in Japan live in small spaces that are not suitable for cat ownership, and their studio flats are just a place to sleep, not enjoy the company of cats and other animals.

World, meet the Neko Jalala Cafe, a destination for many tourists and natives alike in the heart of Tokyo.

Photo courtesy of Kiara Kim on Flickr

For the price of about 2000 yen (about $20 US dollars) you can gain entrance to the cat cafe.

Cats peek out the window throughout the day, and photos of the 30 feline residents (listed as “staff”) adorn the windows.


The kitties are purrfectly happy to have humans pay to enter the cafe and be their servants for a few hours. You can purchase treats and catnip to lure them.

The cats have many, many toys, and are happy to relax around their human servants for a few Hallmark-worthy moments.

There are many kitties to pal around with. They are happy to take bribes.

Neko Jalala Cafe is truly focused on cat worship. Images of the grand beasts line the furniture, walls, and other empty spaces.

The multitude of cats puts smiles on every visitor’s face. Refreshments such as beer are also available if you need more than just a kitty to unwind after a long day.

Staff members are available for purrfect poses — if you give them enough treats, and they are in the mood.

The kitties of Neko Jalala Cafe are very happy and spoiled. Such a good life with so many toys, cuddles, and treats!

The staff members are very friendly, on your way out the door, they are sorry to see you go!

Now, if only we can get a few “crazy cat” people to set up a similar business in the US. It seems it is only a matter of time. 🙂 I know plenty of people that can’t afford the responsibility of pet ownership but love the company of cats. A cat cafe is a win-win situation – the cats will always be loved and cared for, and people can seek comfort with beautiful, kind creatures that have been proven to lower stress and in human lives.

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