A Slacktivist Guide to #EndangeredSpecies Day!

Axolotl - endangered but still smiling

Today is Endangered Species Day, a day meant to spread awareness about the thousands  of creatures that are in danger of extinction. It’s been 40 years since the Endangered Species Act was passed, now deemed

What can YOU do to spread awareness of endangered species?

Lend your voice (errr….tweets) to organizations that fight for endangered species and conservation across the globe.

Justcoz.org offers a platform for legitimate nonprofits to have supporters donate their accounts to tweet one supportive message a day. Help environmentally focused nonprofits, sanctuaries, and rescue groups reach new supporters and educate others about their cause. (You will learn something, too!)

Here is a list of organizations that you can support with your Twitter account:

Join the Earth Activists’ Twitter Campaign:

Earth Activists is an awesome movement that allows you to donate your account to a plethora of earth-friendly causes. Donate a tweet a day to share a daily wildlife photo, advocate for bears or tigers, ask the world to go vegan, and much, much more

Bookmark lolwutpolitics.com as we explore one species a week for the next year in my new column. Here’s a preview of next weeks’ superstar!

Gopher Tortoise, Endangered Species of Florida

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