#Caturday Fix: 12 Fantasy Cats

Happy Caturday! This amazing digital collection of art is courtesy of artist Ruth Blossom on Flickr. Delightful and unexpected scenes combine with cute cat faces,  taking the modern feline to new depths of artistic expression. Yes, humans, there are always new and creative ways to worship your feline masters.

batcat-fantasy-catMeet the batcat

fantasy-cat-1Stalking a village

fantasy-cat-with-owlThe Owl and the Pussycat

fantasy-cat-3Help, Dog Alert!

fantasy-cat-fanny-carpet-rideFanny’s Magic Carpet Ride

nap-disturbed-cat-fantasyDisturbed Nap
fantasy-cat-violinThe mice danced as Leo played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons!
fantasy-cats-pookiePookie and Friend.

cat-in-NYC-fantasyJust another day in The Big Apple!
fantasy-cat-face-in-the-mirrorThe Face Is The Mirror Of The Mind….

Now sit back, and think about what Caturday means to you. 🙂

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