#UniteBlue’s Founders and their work for the #GOP


 UniteBlue article series, Part I of III

Prior to founding UniteBlue in August 2012, political consulting firm 140Elect/140Dev, owned and managed by father/son team Zach and Adam Green, of Boston, Massachusetts, worked furtively on Buddy Roemer’s campaign. Prior to buddy Roemer’s campaign, they ran a website and social media campaign called 140Cain. Prior to working for Herman Cain, they coordinated a GOP phone app, and a “presidential debate” at 140Townhall.com that starred the best and the brightest of the Tea Party, including everyone’s favorite crazymaker, Michele Bachman.

Adam Green has repeatedly stated that past work done by 140 Dev and 140 Elect, was about tool-building, not politics or money. “We did nothing else related to the GOP until the end of 2011, when we were approached by the Buddy Roemer campaign to help with tools. He agreed to go Independent before we agreed to come on board, though that took a few weeks to take effect.” Adam Green stated in response to questions about his past  political work.  “They shut down the campaign in April. To consider Buddy Roemer a threat to Barack Obama is, well … I can’t think of a metaphor to capture the silliness of that idea.”
Zach Green has also attempted to explain away past clients, stating on his biography on 140Elect, “We also built individual aggregators for every candidate, and called them 140Bachmann, 140Perry, 140Cain, 140Newt, 140Paul, 140Romney, 140Palin, etc. Again, not a political statement, and none of these folks ever paid us a dime.”
The problem I see here in a lot of the back-and-forth arguments about UniteBlue’s past clientele has been mostly about semantics. Yes, Zach and Adam Green worked for the Tea Party, even if they weren’t paid to do it. (Except, they WERE paid to do it, just not by the clients named above.)  Yes, Zach and Adam Green worked for Buddy Roemer, but he seemed kinda, sorta cool…After all, he hung out at Zucotti Park and railed against the big banks.
Zach Green has made an embarrassing assumption. He insinuates that people think it’s a great conspiracy when they express distaste for his work on behalf of the GOP and Republicans.
While there are breadcrumbs that lead into conspiracy-land — the truth is readily available : There are many, many progressive activists that have been using social media to spread their message. We don’t change our beliefs and passions according to the election cycle.
For whatever reason , for over a year, Zach Green worked hard against everything the rest of us were working for. Sometimes, he was being paid for that. 
Don’t believe me that he was being paid? The Federal Elections Commission tells us the details. Unfortunately, the time period that Adam Green previously stated is not accurate. They received campaign money up until July, 2012, just 1 month prior to the launch of Zach Green’s project, UniteBlue.
From the FEC website:

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