140 Elect, Buddy Roemer and the #Republican Liberty Caucus of #NH

Buddy Roemer, "libertarian" Buddy Roemer
UniteBlue article series, Part II of III
Zach and Adam Green, founders/inventors of the #UniteBlue app/soon-to-be nonprofit organization, have a questionable past when it comes to political affiliations. A lot of the questions about their past clients have caused lifelong Democrats to question their loyalties. Unfortunately, 140Elect tends toward shrugging off questions and nonchalant dismissals of their critics, chalking up reasonable questions and fears to “jealousy” and sometimes, even smearing their critics as crazy.
Adam Green stated that they only worked with right-leaning candidates in 2011, for a brief period of time. This is an obfuscation of the truth, and it’s not trivial, no matter how much they attempt to trivialize it.

140Elect’s Adam and Zach Green also claim they never worked for Herman Cain, this also appears to be an untruth, although it’s unclear if they were paid actual money for their support, or if it was merely a “volunteer opportunity”.

Adam Green’s firm, 140Dev, was hired by Andrew Hemingway, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire,  to build 140Townhall. 140Townhall was a platform that TheTeaParty.net, now mired in a lawsuit with the Federal Elections Commission funded.

UPDATE: TheTeaParty.net (owned by Stop this Insanity) is a would-be Political Action Committee that is now being represented by Dan Backer, the attorney who successfully appealed the Citizens United decision. Their money came from big financial backers, and the FEC previously ruled they were ineligible to claim 501c status because their activities were outside the scope of “social welfare”. Because 140Dev/140Elect were paid money by this nonprofit, and its status is in dispute, the financial records are currently not disclosed on the FEC website.

140Townhall was facilitated by Andrew Hemingway, to host a political debate and track their keywords and messaging via data mining tools. (The article quotes Hemingway on the scope of that work and clarifies it was a paid project.) Eventually, the Caucus chose Buddy Roemer as their favorite candidate, and the Green family business found itself a new client.

The Greens have stated that they only worked for one paid right-leaning client, Buddy Roemer, briefly toward the end of 2011. Factual evidence from the Federal Elections Commission for every disbursement paid to 140Dev.com on behalf of Buddy Roemer tell a different story :

(All of the links above are from to the Federal Election Commission.)

Despite their effort to package Roemer as the Occupy Wall Street candidate, Roemer’s views leaned to the far right, with a focus on libertarian ideology.
“OMG, Zach worked for the GOP?! Actually, we worked with Buddy Roemer after he announced he would run for President under the Reform Party. We were also working to support Occupy Wall Street at the time, and Buddy Roemer only had one issue: get money out of politics,” Zach Green stated in a blog posting attempting to quell anger and confusion about his past.
Is it being naive? Completely ignorant? It’s hard to believe that Zach worked on a campaign without any idea of the candidate’s positions on important, high-stakes political issues. Buddy Roemer had many, many views that clash with left-wing politics.  It’s slightly baffling that Zach Green was unaware of Roemer’s many stances and past votes, especially on Obamacare and labor.
Or, maybe Zach is just parroting the  campaign’s message: Getting money out of politics is more important and overshadows all of these right-leaning stances. We should have voted for him. (lol!)
  • Abortion: Roemer voted for a bill that  would “Grant civil rights to the pre-born.” and voted against Federal funds for abortions.
  • Birth Control: Buddy Roemer did not believe that the government should require it to be covered in full.
  • Oil: Roemer voted for tax credits for exploring for oil in deep water & Arctic.
  • Gun control: Voted federal gun controls cannot override state gun laws.
  • Immigration reform: Stated that the border needs to be sealed, with no amnesty.
  • Obamacare: Roemer believed that Obamacare would be ruled unconstitutional, and supported repeal.
  • Labor/ Fair Pay: Roemer did not believe in government oversight and enforcement of fair labor practices, and believed that we should dissolve the Nation Labor Relations Board.

Roemer had (and presumably, still has) a lot of views that wouldn’t sit with progressives very well.

Although he does believe in global warming, he doesn’t believe that the government should create regulations to prevent further destruction.

Roemer almost every aspect of Obamacare, and wasn’t shy about his dislike for affirmative action laws. He didn’t believe in any amnesty options for illegal immigration. Like a good libertarian, however, Roemer touted the rights of the states to make gay marriage legal or illegal. He didn’t want universal health coverage or sweeping gun control laws. He didn’t like our membership in the UN, yet believed we should be aiming at drilling oil overseas.
The evidence doesn’t lie, and it is easily available. Unite Blue was founded by Zach and Adam Green. The Greens worked  as paid political operatives/techies on behalf of candidates to undermine not only 2012 liberal campaigns and messages, but they actively campaigned against many of us on Twitter.

No wonder they need a troll army to silence those of us who choose to speak up.

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