#Caturday Fix: A Celebration of 5 Differently-abled Cats

Cats are confident creatures, and although many shelters will euthanize kitties with disabilities, there is a growing trend in the rescue community that leans toward helping our feline friends overcome and thrive, despite the fact that they have medical issues or deformities. Most cats that are born with disability or are rendered disabled due to an accident can adapt to their predicament easily, with a little help from their human companions.

Here are 5 fun videos that feature differently-abled kittehs. They’ll warm your heart and help you realize sometimes our limitations are based on our perception of ourselves, not so much our actual ability to adapt, strengthen, and  overcome our weaknesses.

Happy Caturday, one and all!

1. Napoleon the cat gets a new set of wheels after an accident, and he needs to learn to obey the speed limit laws. 🙂

2. Squirrel the kitty was hit by a car, but she’s recovered nicely and now loves to play!

3. Oscar was born blind, but he doesn’t know that he’s different from any other kitty. He won an award for Friskies for just being cute and awesome in his video series.

4. Squitten was born with a rare condition — she doesn’t have leg bones in her front paws, so she often sits right up like a squirrel. This doesn’t faze her in the slightest — she still knows how to cuddle and play.

5. Scooter’s deaf, but that’s not a problem for him or anyone that loves him. He thinks he’s a dog, and he loves to chase his tail. No one has the heart to tell him he’s not a puppy, he’s a kitten. Can you blame them?

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