#Caturday Fix: The Amazing Rock #Cats

Samantha Martin is an expert animal trainer who has a lifetime full of fascination and bonding with animals. She’s trained performing animals for Wal-Mart, PetCo and PetSmart, and  music videos for headlining mainstream groups like Megadeth and MTV. Of course,  she has also spent time on Animal Planet programs and been featured on many light night talk shows.

As a pioneering feline behavioral expert, Ms. Martin has devoted her life to animal welfare and public education helping people understand their animal counterparts better.

Ms. Martin also has turned the act of rescuing cats into an art, creating performance art groups like The Amazing Acro-Cats and her all cat band, “The Rock Cats” .

The majority of  Rock-Cats were adopted from shelters. Keeping with that tradition, Master Trainer Samantha Martin now fosters shelter kittens and trains them not only to perform tricks, but important emergency situation maneuvers.

These foster kittens have become a heart warming part of the performance as they eagerly wait for their new fur-ever home!

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