India’s Food Shortage & #Monsanto

India has a big problem with agriculture and farming,  and the seed/GMO giant Monsanto has not helped one bit. Because of its extreme problems with farming, Monsanto has used India as what can only described as a giant,  disturbing experiment with food production.

While GM cotton has been put to commercial use, another 17 GMO crops  have been approved for trials. The Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC)  has approved experimental field trial for GM crops of cotton, rice, tomato, groundnut, potato, corn, sorghum, okra, brinjal, mustard, wheat, watermelon, papaya, sugarcane, rubber, castor, banana, pigeon pea and chickpea.

Monsanto’s monopoly on plant seed patents no longer allows farmers to save and grow their own seeds, requiring them to buy new from Monsanto every year.

When farmers attempt to grow their own heirloom varieties, they are sued by Monsanto, and there is increasing pressure for farmers  to grown specifically  GMO seeds. The extreme costs of farming this way has forced closure of many farmers across US  and thousands of documented suicides by farmers in India.

The world should watch Monsanto in India very closely.

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