Infographic: #Crony Capitalism Explained

Crony capitalism creates an economy where in business people and government officials work closely and form a sort of symbiotic relationship that neglects the people.

Increasing favoritism in the government towards lobbyists makes the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, and corporate bail-outs (i.e. welfare) a part of our “working economy”.

Self-serving friendships and family ties between businessmen and the government leads to stagnation in innovation, helps solidify monopolistic trends,  corrupts the governments purpose in a Democracy: a government for and by the people.

Crony capitalism is essentially “government for and by the corporations”. We’re living with it now. This is what it looks like.

One thought on “Infographic: #Crony Capitalism Explained

  1. The chart ignores that business people get into government to influence the government. In fact, I think that’s more common than government people going into business. It’s no coincidence that Dick Cheney was a boss at Haliburton and they got big military contracts. Both wars in Iraq were instigated by Bushes, who are oil men. A lot of wealthy politicians are business people, including Democrats. People tend to think of rich people like Darrel Issa, but Alan Grayson is also a wealthy businessperson.

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