#Caturday Fix: Nothing Better than Friendship

Happy Caturday! This post is long overdue — a tribute to inter-species friendship with man’s two best friends, cats and dogs.  (Secret: sometimes they’re best friends with each other!)

We can all get over our differences, but it’s important to start out your friendships cautiously.


Sometimes kitties and puppies first make friends because they’re lonely. It’s a scary world when they find their first furrever homes or foster homes. Nothing seems certain.  They keep eachother warm when they sleep.


Sometimes for an adult dog, the prospect of caring for a kitten seems like an awesome responsibility, but the cuteness of a kitten is heart-melting, even among the most stoic dog breeds.

Sometimes a puppy will mistake his kitty friend for a pillow.

Sometimes a hug is all that’s needed, even if your a new feline friend resists at first… A hug will always set things right if your furrfriends have been tussling.


When kitty feels  powerless and tiny, a it’s nice to feel loved by someone who makes her feel safe.


Sometimes we argue and wrestle and fight, but it always ends with love, because that’s what friendship is all about.


The roles can reverse, too. This puppy’s best friend watches over him,  protectively while he sleeps. With a look on her face that’s so priceless, she can scare away his bad dreams.

2 thoughts on “#Caturday Fix: Nothing Better than Friendship

  1. Hi Melissa,
    Loved your *CATURDAY* Post! I to am a CAT lover. I’ve been very sad over the past week or so…..WHY?….My hubby and I had to relocate from Oregon to Arizona, so I had to find Good, Loving homes for my 2 babies before we left. And I did, and there finally getting comfy in there new homes.
    YOU made me Smile and think of them today, so Thank You for that 🙂

    My older boy had been with us for 9yrs. I also Thank You for coming by my recovery blog as well, and I’m grateful for the Pingback to one of My Caturday postings. I’m now following you, and hope you’ll have MORE Caturday Posts!
    I just don’t have the heart to them right now 😦

    Warm Regards,
    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂

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