10 #WTF #Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and there’s excitement in the air. It’s time to choose your costume. For kids, it’s easy to choose a costume. You drag them to the CVS or local department store, grab the makeup and the costume, and go! As adults, costumes tend to be a bit more pricey and not a lot to show for it except maybe a free beer at a bar.

But that doesn’t mean your costume has to be lame.  Don’t be these guy and gals!

1. Mom’s Amazon Purchase Costumes. This is, of course, the ultimate freegan-type of thing. But it’s hardly sustainable, and more than a little embarrassing with your mom’s name on the label on the back of your head.

Your Mom's Amazon Package

2. Thing 1…Thing 2.. Things 3-8 from Dr. Seuss. Convenient costumes if you have a bunch of kids and not a lot of funds and creativity, great for 2 year olds, okay for 5 year olds, but lame for anyone over the age of 7, and surely not the best choice for a young man or lady of dating age.


3. That Anonymous guy in the Guy Fawkes mask. Now, I’m not saying that EVERY guy in a Guy Fawkes mask is this lame, but please, please, please don’t be THIS Anonymous guy. 2916351925

4. That girl that thinks lingerie paired with bunny ears makes a costume.that girl that thinks wearing lingerie is a costume

5. Some lame concept that’s sure to make you the downer of the party. Concept costumes like “economy”, “shutdown” “debt ceilings” and other yawn-fests should be avoided. Unless you work as a Koch intern, and that’s just a maybe.


6. That guy in the David Bowie wig.


7. That latex suit guy. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. What’s he supposed to be again? Some guy who gets his rocks off dressed up in latex?


8. That complicated, obscure creature  costume that cost way too much to spill beer on. I’m certain this is a character in some first person shooter or violent anime, but as soon as I decided to Google it, I started yawning.


9. Metal scraps. Oh, wait, I meant robots. Meth lab robots. Basically, don’t wrap yourself in tinfoil and duct tape, and don’t — no matter what — steal Walter White’s safety equipment and wrap it in duct tape and tinfoil. He needs that stuff. Also, it’s NOT a good idea to attach a basketball net to your head, lest some cool, tall basketball player passes you on the street and decides it’s time for slam-dunking. 3306994117

10. That Lego headed, gun-toting, horse-stealing weirdo. Because I’m just not sure what message this is sending to the kids. Or the ladies. Or, frankly…anybody.


One thought on “10 #WTF #Halloween Costumes

  1. Those were dumb costumes. I’ll never understand why humans spend money and get all excited about making themselves look even more idiotic once a year.

    Check out my post fur today if you want to know what kats think of Halloween!


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