About Melissa Brewer, Washington DC freelance writer, researcher, activist

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My name is Melissa Brewer and this is my website. Unless noted, all of the content is written by me. If you’re here to learn about me, I’ve written an autobiographical post with all the dirt right here. My story is not a happy one, but it’s been a journey, and I currently am living an amazing life. So I’m fairly certain it’s going to end well. 🙂

I have really only been politically active since March, 2012, when I began to help with the StopRush campaign.

Politics is an ugly, dirty, and often ridiculous machine, and I’ve often found people claiming that I am not who I say I am. So, here’s who I am, for clarity’s sake:

Ezine Articles has some of my articles saved forever, they are not the only ones but they’re the easiest to find. (See Melissa Brewer’s profile at EzineArticles.com)

Author of Ebooks:

The Little White Ebook of Homeshoring Jobs (2007), which is now available as a free (albeit slightly outdated) download here.

The Freelance Writer’s Marketing Plan (2002) which is available as a free download here.

My Poetry:

My poetry has won a few awards and I have had the pleasure of tenure at two writing in residence programs, including the Jack Kerouac Project in 2006.

In 2006, I recorded and put some of my poetry online on CCmixter.org.  Code314 & Mathias B., in Belgium!! remixed my poetry and started a competition called “The Soft Machine Remix Project”  where one of my poems was remixed into song by over 60 experimental musicians. This was the coolest thing that I’ve ever been a part of – a crowdsourced project. There are some CD’s, a few vinyl records, and other recordings out there, as well as material on Youtube:

I have written hundreds of articles for the web, and make a living as a freelance writer & researcher. I’ve worked for some of the best and the brightest, from Matt Bacek (the Ebay guru) to Mind and Media, a political/government consulting firm that I worked with until Bush Jr. took office and they switched to DoD contracts.

My publishing business focuses on converting public domain books into digital formats for Kindle & Ipads.

8 thoughts on “About Melissa Brewer, Washington DC freelance writer, researcher, activist

  1. Liberal? Hell, I’m a feisty LEFTIST! That is, Bernie Sanders for Prez! Smile… you’re not alone. The Righties only seem omnipresent. BTW, my Nicky and I have THREE cats… does make us cat-huggers, too? Keep it straight and keep it happy…

  2. Hey Melissa, thanks for following my blog at That Devil History! I followed you back and just read some of your posts and really like your writing. Good to connect with fellow “Feisty Leftists!” Look forward to reading more of your content!


    Jarret Ruminski, PhD

  3. Hi Melissa, thanks for the follow at Rational Opinions Blog. Looks like we have a lot in common (sense)!! I’m a liberal/progressive and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are my heroes. Looking forward to sharing posts with you. I just Followed you as well.

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